Tigertec Gold for Turning

The key is the holistic approach to development.

The new generation of cutting tool materials from Walter has arrived and has begun redefining peak performance in machining. With unparalleled innovation and superior technology: Having mastered milling and holemaking, Tiger·tec® Gold is now also conquering turning.

The key to this is the holistic approach to development, combined with cost-efficiency, process reliability and productivity. Tiger·tec® Gold puts all of these aspects into practice at the highest level and in every machining operation, be it milling, holemaking or turning. As strong as ever. More flexible than ever before.


WALTER Swiss Type Solutions W1011-S-P / WL17 / SDJC-S-P


Walter is launching two innovative high-performance cutting tool materials for turning operations in the form of the WKP01G and WPP05G grades, which reduce the machining time by between 20 and 30%. WKP01G has been specially developed for finishing high tensile steels and cast iron (GGG/GG) at the maximum cutting speed and is the only one of its kind on the market designed specifically for this purpose. The optimised cutting edge rounding of the turning inserts improves the surface quality on the workpiece, while their multi-stage post-treatment produces an extremely smooth rake face which significantly reduces friction. The WPP05G grade is designed for medium machining and roughing of steels at the maximum cutting speed. Both cutting tool materials are ideal for finish cuts and occasional interrupted cuts in high tensile materials (900–1400 N/mm²).

The main USP of the inserts is their coating with the patented Tiger·tec® Gold technology. This fine-columnar, highly textured MT-TiCN multi-layer coating increases toughness and resistance to flank face and crater wear. As a result, the grades make it possible to increase the machining speed and the associated productivity by between 20 and 30% compared to standard ISO P10 grades. Walter offers the new grades in around 130 versions with 11 different geometries. Application ranges include high-volume and mass production in the automotive or energy industries (for example gearbox components, gears, rotor hubs), general mechanical engineering (for example forged shafts) or the rail industry (for example wheel sets).

Xilltec mc230 ADVANCE

With the Xill·tec® MC230 and MC233 Advance milling cutters, Walter already introduced two ranges of solid carbide milling cutters that are powerful and can be used universally – for all ISO materials from groups P, M, K, N and S, as well as for all standard roughing and finishing applications and milling strategies. As part of a second launch stage, the Tübingen-based tool manufacturer is now rounding off its range with Xill·tec® two-edge and eight-edge milling cutters, ofeering diameters of between 2 mm and 25 mm, and cutting lengths from 1 to 5 × Dc. With these long cutting lengths, Walter is embracing the trend for dynamic milling as a standard application in the universal range. One of its major advantages is that the entire tool length can be used, with accordingly high material removal rates. There are also various geometries, each developed for a particular application, material or machining strategy.

The Xill·tec® MC230 Advance basic range also sees the addition of new Xill·tec® milling cutters from the MC233 Advance range. These are designed with chip breakers and are therefore suitable for high chip volumes, for example for dynamic roughing. In other words, they are suitable for applications where the chips need to be kept short, despite using long cutting edges, and safely carried away. When compared with their market competitors, both milling cutters have a tool life that is around 30% longer when used at the same cutting speed and with the same material. This is thanks to geometries whose variable helices are coordinated with the number of teeth and cutting edge length, combined with the new tough WK40TF universal grade with TiAlN coating. The latter was developed and manufactured by Walter in-house for Xill·tec® solid carbide milling tools.

DB131 DB133 Supreme

  • Maximum process reliability combined with minimum dimensions
  • Optimised dimensions for maximum stability
  • Pilot drill with adjusted diameter tolerance and 150° point angle
  • Excellent surface finish quality on the component thanks to the optimised cutting edge preparation on the drill